Hotel Uzbegim Plaza

Hotel Uzbegim Plaza offers accommodation in single rooms, double rooms and suites with an access for handicapped guests. The guests can take full advantage of services, including laundry, room service, wireless internet connection, WiFi Free and countless other services. You can enjoy the traditional uzbek dishes of the restaurant every morning.

The hotel is located in the very city center in the city. It is very easy to be reached by all types of transportation. It takes around ten minutes from the Samarkand airport. The bus station and the train station are within a 10 minute reach. Uzbegim Plaza lies on one of the crossroads of important highways connecting this city with the capital and other cities in Uzbekistan.

With its panoramic views of Samarkand,  guestrooms, restaurant,  versatile meeting rooms, the hotel provides a relaxed atmosphere for leisure visitors and a comfortable business environment for corporate guests.